Push Off From Here

I’ve wanted to be a writer for such a long time. In many ways I have been a writer – personally and professionally – for my entire adult life. I’ve kept a journal of some description ever since I left home at 16 and I had a career in communications for almost 20 years. Until I finally had the courage to follow my heart and pursue a very different life, which led me to here. I had another blog before this one. I write articles for other blogs. I write every single day.

Yet for the past few months I’ve been in some kind of blog paralysis trying to craft the requisite introductory article that will be attractive to the masses. I’ve read all kinds of information about what I should do if I want to get attention as a writer.

But you know what? I’m done with all that.

I’m not interested in writing according to someone else’s rules. I’m interested in writing from my heart and sharing my truth.

I’m interested in being my authentic self, rather than trying to manipulate your perception of me. I’m interested in capturing the rough and the smooth we all experience – but aren’t always brave enough to talk about – and mixing articles that are created from a desire to help you live a better life, with personal stories from mine.

Whether it be in life, business or my writing, whenever I try to follow someone else’s rules I feel like I’m betraying myself. I feel like I’m trying to sell myself, and that feels artificial. And I’m so tired of people trying to sell me all of the things, all of the time.

I want to write from the heart and share real life stories, not worry if my topics are related to something I’m trying to get you to buy.

I want to honour the adventurous and creative woman who wants to be a writer, and so much more. I want to honour all the different pieces of who I am. And I want to inspire you to honour all the differences that exist within you, too.

So, let’s push off from here, shall we?

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