You’re Not Meant To Be Just One Thing

Esther Zimmer

If you asked me, I’d tell you I was an ocean and a wilderness girl, only I keep thinking about last summer – I was having the time of my life in New York City, completely in love with the concrete jungle and feeling right at home.

So maybe I’m not an ocean and a wilderness girl, after all, but a city slicker. Or maybe I’m all of these things, depending on where I am at the time. After all, why do we have to choose?

We’re women, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, adventurers, creatives, dreamers, doers, homemakers and shakers and so much more…why this need to wrap ourselves up so nicely into a tidy description? Some days I wear PJs, other days I’m in jeans and a tee and every now and again I quite fancy a party dress and heels, shouldn’t life be the same way? Just as with food, it has the capacity to be a gorgeous smorgasbord of experiences if we just stop trying to shoehorn ourselves into being just one thing.

I’m vulnerable and soft and I’m powerful and strong, a little wild of heart at times, yet I can also be quite the homebody too. There are so many sides to me that even I lose track of who I am some days, but that’s okay.

After I left corporate life and my job title behind, I fell apart because I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. Then I tried to twist and squeeze myself into a new title that didn’t quite fit. I couldn’t get my life all neatly packaged and tied up with a perfect bow – no matter how hard I tried. And I spent an enormous amount of time trying.

We’re not meant to be just one thing, because we’re meant for so much more. Oh, I know, we’re judged by what we do with the majority of our time, by our titles, what it says on our business cards, our niches and our straplines…but I’m starting to believe that’s all best left to big brands and their CEOs, and I’m neither of those. I’m me. Being me means I’m about a dozen different things on any given day, and allowing myself to be that way has been one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done.

I’m a woman, wife, daughter, sister, a writer and a coach who holds space for women to be honest about their deepest desires and to explore and change their story. I’m an adventurer, a creative and a collaborator with a passion for people and the planet, a friend and a traveller who loves camping and five star hotels.

Please stop trying to reduce yourself to a label so you can tie yourself up neatly with a perfect bow – because you are so much more than any bow could ever tie down.

Image credit: Bhav Sonigra Photography.

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