100 Words of Now

Autumn Equinox 2018: Kyrgyzstan.

“All we have is now, this moment” – Jessica Therrien.

A dream achieved. Restless. Untethered. Love. Alone. Quiet. Freedom. Reflection. Family. Friends. Ache. Skype. Thin. Hungry. Shadow self. Sleep. Sweat. Raw food. New routine. Bishkek. Hotel. Simplicity. Modern conveniences. Tourists. Avoid. Introvert. Surrender. Show up. Creativity. When everything appears to fall apart. Mistakes. Upset. Overwhelm. Obstacles. Lessons. Opportunity. Determination. Joy. Book. Writing. History. Betrayal. Crying. Repressed. Blank pages. Journaling. Release. Mantras. Personal stories. Quotes. Action. Renewal. Stillness. Hours spent walking. Blue skies. Trees. Unseasonal. Peace. Foreign language. Recognition. Expansive. Adventures. Planning. More unknowns. Willing. Able. Trust. Speak up. Role model. Bravery. Sex. Lies. Anger. Prayer. Hope. Heart. Soul. Alive. Grateful.

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