Come Home to Yourself through ‘The Sacred Page’

I love words.

I love positive affirmations and books and stories and poetry and quotes.

I know words can be cruel and empty and change the course of our lives in ways we don’t always want, but I also know that the right words at the right time can be powerful: They can inspire bravery. They can comfort us and make us feel less alone. They can be healing. They can connect us and encourage us and teach us how to be better people.

If the words we hear and read are important, then the words we think and speak are even more so. Writing down my feelings and thoughts saved my life. I know that sounds dramatic but I don’t believe it’s an overstatement. Journaling helped me through some lonely teenage years when I was being bullied. It was my constant companion when I moved to London alone. It was the place I finally understood that I was the only one who could close the wounds from my divorce; nobody else could do that for me.

Several weeks ago, when I was alone in Bishkek, I turned to my journal to help me begin the process of healing a traumatic memory from 17 years ago. I also wrote about a difficult conversation I needed to have with my husband, David. I’m telling you this so you know I don’t just talk about how powerful words and writing down our own are, I continually put this knowledge into practice, too.

I believe in the power of words, the words we hear and read and think and write and say – which is why I created The Sacred Page, my very first e-course! This is not a false promise of a magic pill, or an empty claim that I can revolutionise your entire life, it’s simply a lot of wordy things that have helped me – that continue to help me – to have the courage to live a life true to myself, rather than the life I’m expected to live.

Introducing The Sacred Page…

The way The Sacred Page works is very simple: Every day for 40 days you’ll receive an email delivered straight into your in-box. Each email contains a daily mantra (or positive affirmation, if you prefer that term), along with an accompanying personal essay by me, and some inspirational quotesall based on a daily theme. Start your day on a high note with lots of positive words delivered straight into your in-box! Even if you only read the daily emails, you would still get something of value from this e-course.

However, nearly every email contains journaling prompts designed to help you explore your own feelings and thoughts on the daily theme and more importantly, set you on your path to a regular journaling practice. This is at the heart of why I created this e-course and called it The Sacred Page. I believe journaling is a powerful tool and I want to help more women access that power.

Anywhere you write words that are meaningful to you should be considered sacred.

I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that this is, “A course that’s not a course”. What do I mean by that? Basically, this is not an e-course with structured lessons that require you to complete each lesson in sequence. It really is this simple: Each day for 40 consecutive days at exactly the same time an email will arrive in your in-box. Read the mantra, the essay and the quotes contained in the email. Repeat the mantra throughout the day. Work through the writing prompts that speak the most loudly to you and do so at your own pace, if you prefer. What I’m saying is: Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.

You can start this course at any time – there are no set beginning and end dates. There are also no right or wrong answers when it comes to working through the journaling prompts. And definitely no falling behind; therefore no pressure to ‘catch up’.

Also, as journaling is normally a solitary endeavour I’ve created a private Facebook group where we can connect and chat, if you want to. It’s also a place to ask questions and for support, if you need it. Joining the Facebook group is optional, so if you don’t have a Facebook account, you don’t have to open one just for this. If you do have a Facebook account but don’t want to join the group, that’s fine too!

I put off creating this little e-course for so long because other people told me it wouldn’t be The Next Big Thing. Well, it was never meant to be that anyway. Eventually I decided to create it, simply because it existed within me and creating it mattered to me.

I self-sabotaged repeatedly – I started and stopped and started working on it far more times than I like to admit. Then, in the final stages, about a dozen things went wrong and I felt like I was being sabotaged. However, I persisted because each time I picked up my folder of papers; the white sheets of A4 heavy with mantras and words and truth and quotes and other things to feed your heart and soul – I’d feel the same way I felt every time I held onto it – like I’d come home.

I have no idea whether what I’ve created will be bought by few or many; if it will be loved or hated. At the time of writing this I’ve had five fabulous women sign up – which is thrilling to me but wouldn’t be deemed a success by most people’s standards – but what I do know is how extraordinary creating this has made me feel.

Despite what the world tells us, numbers are not the only measure of success. Just because whatever you create or make or write or paint or teach or whatever it is you do that you believe has value – even if it doesn’t reach a huge amount of people – doesn’t make it any less valuable. If it has value to you, it matters. If you put your work out into the world and it only impacts one person, it matters. That’s still one more person you’ve impacted than if you didn’t put your work out there at all.

Are you ready to come home to yourself through words – the words of others, and the words you share within the sacred pages of your journal? If this journey of gentle self-exploration sounds like something you’d like to do, I’d love it if you joined us.

I poured so much love into The Sacred Page and I’m proud of what I’ve created. So I’m excited to share that it’s now available to purchase here.

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