Are you ready to change your story?

  • Maybe you feel like you’ve got a lot to be grateful for, yet you can’t help looking around and asking yourself, “Is this really it?” You simply can’t shake the feeling that you’re meant to be doing something more.
  • Perhaps you’re ready and willing to take action and make some changes.  But you’re not sure how or where to start, or how action is even possible when you’re already too busy and on the brink of overwhelm.
  • It could be that you’re almost ready to make a shift in your life, but you feel stuck.  You know you’re smart and have a lot to offer the world, but you’ve also got doubts and fears; about whether or not your dreams and ideas matter.  About what might happen if you’re brave enough to speak up and be seen.  And you’re worried about making a mistake or appearing selfish.

This is an invitation to try a new way Coaching - Esther Zimmer

“Out of all the coaches I’ve worked with, Esther stands out from the rest. Her deep desire to help other women embrace their power and self-belief is going to light up so many souls who are desperate to know they can trust someone – that someone is your inner voice.  Esther is a woman who is deeply in tune with her own intuition and is changing the world in her own fierce but gentle way” – Lisa Sunderland, London.

The core of my work is about guiding you to listen to yourself, learning to trust your intuition and cultivating your self-belief. Everything feels possible when you dare to believe in yourself. 

Together we’ll explore your story, the experiences that have shaped you and how to write the story you really want to be living.

Our sessions are a sacred space where your complicated and messy bits can be safely revealed. This is your time to get deeply honest about your dreams and what you really want and to explore what’s standing in your way – I’ll support you as you take steps towards whatever it is that you want to achieve or change.

As your coach, my work is to hold space for you, to engage you in deep conversations and ask you questions that help you think about your life from an entirely fresh perspective. My work is to challenge the thoughts, stories and beliefs that are holding you back and to dare you to try a new way of doing things.

Coaching with me is about learning to honour all the different pieces of who you are.  This will be a journey into your doubts and fears and whilst they won’t magically disappear, you will explore why they exist.  It’s about learning to following your intuition.

During our time together you’ll begin to develop a sense of trust in yourself, which is at the heart of self-belief.

There will be deep connection, intense conversations, sometimes tears but always laughter.  The work we do together can feel challenging at times – but that’s where transformation lies – it can also feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted.  It does require your commitment to show up, heart and soul. Coaching only works if you’re willing to put in the work. 

This is how you write a new story for yourself.  It’s how you live your life with courage.

This is a journey of exploration that we take together. I’ll hold your hand along the way.

“I met Esther when I was suffering deeply from overwhelm and simply wanted to pack a bag and disappear from my life. Working together has resulted in me being able to finally figure out what’s really important to me, where I want to focus my attention and how to set boundaries – and stick to them. I still have work to do but I finally feel free – I have energy, space and I’ve fallen in love with my life all over again! I cannot thank Esther enough for the work she does. Her kind, practical and intuitive approach was exactly what I needed” – Brenda Dixon, New York City.

You’ll be in safe hands

I trained as a Life and Personal Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy and have a post-graduate diploma in Applied Psychology from Birkbeck, University of London. But that’s not the reason I feel confident in my coaching ability; it’s the challenges I’ve overcome and the radical changes I’ve made in my own life that make me feel qualified to do this work.

But I’m not for everyone

Coaching with me might be about learning to trust yourself and your intuition – but this isn’t about spending more time navel-gazing.  I take a downright practical approach.  I truly believe that everything feels possible when you dare to believe in yourself, but getting to that point does require your commitment, a deep desire to take action and a willingness to try a new approach if your current one isn’t working.  Whilst I don’t have any magic tricks up my sleeve, I do work to get to the heart of an issue as quickly as possible in order to help you take action. I’ll ask tough questions and hold you accountable – but I’m fully committed to helping you learn to trust in yourself – so you’ll have the courage to make your own decisions and take action long after we’ve finished working together.

As I said, coaching only works if you’re willing to put in the work.

What’s included?

  • One complimentary, no obligation, one-hour consultation to make sure coaching together feels right for you – use your intuition during this consultation to decide if you want to say yes or no at the end of the call.
  • We meet for 12 weekly sessions over 3-4 months.
  • Each session is for 60 minutes and we’ll either meet over the phone or via Skypethis means we can work together no matter where you are in the world.
  • Every second week we only use the full hour if you want to.  The women I work with appreciate this level of support if they do need help to remain focused and to follow-through with action.  Sometimes this means using the entire hour and sometimes it’s a 15-minute check-in. It’s entirely up to you, but that weekly hour is always available for you, to use as you wish.  Read more about why I structure my coaching this way in the FAQ.
  • Your investment £1,400.00 

Please note that I only work with a very small number of one-to-one clients at a time.  I also work a little differently to most coaches and only offer my coaching services to new clients four times a year.  I’m currently booked until April 2017, please email me at to get on the waitlist!

“If you work with Esther, then get ready for your life to change. I’ve never worked with anyone who’s so in tune with her intuition and yet so full of practical ideas – our sessions together felt safe but scary, I always felt fully supported but Esther constantly challenged me. The result is that I have a confidence in myself that I’ve never felt before and I’m on the path to living a life that reflects everything I was longing for; space to breathe and the self-belief that I can create the life I really want” – Michelle Evans, London.