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Hello, I’m Esther…

If this is your first time to my site, ‘Welcome’. If you’re an old friend returning, ‘Welcome back’.

I know, things look a little bare around here. That’s because I’m having a do-over in almost every area of my life, including my writing and my work.

Here’s some background information while I re-write my ‘About’ page and create new blog content and courses:

In the summer of 2013 I quit my so-called ‘successful’ 20-year corporate career in communications to do what many people dream about; I launched my own business. As a personal stylist. A business I never truly loved.

Finally, three years and a period of depression later, I quit my personal styling business at the end of 2016. A decision I made far more difficult than it needed to be – you can read my story in ‘Be Brave Enough to Quit‘.

I hold a post-graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology from Birkbeck, University of London, and I’d been coaching on and off in the 10 years since I completed my initial accreditation as a Life and Personal Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy. Throughout 2017 I focused on my work as a coach, helping women re-write their stories when it came to the relationship they have with their bodies and food, drawing on my personal experience from designing my own self-directed recovery from disordered eating, and my studies.

However, once again, I realised this wasn’t the direction I really wanted to be taking with my life.

So, in May of 2018 I left almost everything that felt comfortable, familiar and safe in London and took an incredible journey, cycling – with my husband, David – from Turkey to Thailand (with the occasional plane, train and automobile ride thrown in) and without an iota of cycle touring experience between us. It was the best thing we’ve ever done.

Since May of 2019 I’ve been back in London, a city I was hoping I wouldn’t return to, at least not to live. However, I’m here so I’m treating my return as an opportunity to have a do-over, to live the London life I didn’t get around to living my first 17 years here, after making the move from my native Australia. I’m looking at my life, my writing and my work and figuring out exactly what a do-over looks like; I’m stripping back, I’m simplifying and I’m repeating, “Let it be easy” about 100 times a day. I’m writing my first book, a memoir, whilst paying the bills working part-time as a consultant and creating a gorgeous vision for the next iteration of my business. As a result, I’m going to be re-vamping and re-launching this site in the next few months, to reflect who I’ve become as a result of everything I’ve learnt these past few years.

If you’d like to keep in touch as I take this journey, please sign up for my new essay series ‘Truth & Clues’ below, or you can say hello here.

With love,

Esther xo






Introducing the 'Truth & Clues' Essays...

Every other week I write an essay where I share the truth about my life as a woman in her 40s who’s still trying to figure out her place in the world, and the clues I’m following as I take one step forward, followed by the next.

These essays are about all those things I was taught not to talk about: Ambition, doubts, fears, mental health, menstruation, menopause, money, sex…you get the idea.

I’m so tired of all the cliché, everything-needs-to-be-a-lesson, self-help that’s being peddled right now. I long for human stories instead, the ones that make me feel less alone. These essays are my stories and a way to work through the questions I’m asking right now. Questions like:

Why is it that no matter where I am, I always feel this sense of longing for something I can’t quite articulate? What does feeling beautiful mean to me, as a woman approaching 50 and menopause? Is it really possible to truly change my money stories at this stage of my life? What does a fulfilling and meaningful life look like to me, no matter where I’m living? Why do I find being consistent – in almost every area of my life such a challenge? If I really no longer care what other people think of me, why do I still hold myself back?

If these essays sound like something you’d like to receive, it would be an honour to be a regular visitor to your in-box, which I consider to be a sacred space. These stories are meant to feel like personal notes from a friend, something I hope you’ll look forward to reading with a cuppa in your hand. This is an invitation for you to take a few moments every other week to receive some encouragement, honesty and inspiration; a love letter from my heart to yours…

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What I love most about newsletters from Esther is that they are not like other 'newsletters', instead, it feels like a personal note just to me, sharing her own experiences and learning, right when I need it the most!

Siobhán Kangataran, Founder of ToGetHerFurther, London.

Thank you, Esther, for such wonderful words. I feel like I've discovered a friend in the midst of the striving and swirling around me. 

Ellie, USA.

Oh, Esther, I'm loving your emails. And these were such wonderful reminders for me right now. Perfect timing!   Thank you, thank you for sharing your words. 

Solveig Pedersen, Coach & Teacher, Alaska.