Esther Zimmer

Hello, I’m Esther…

I’m a writer and lifestyle coach.

I’m also a woman on a mission to live my most wildly beautiful and fulfilling life. I help women who want to live their most wildly beautiful and fulfilling lives, too.

Writing is how I make sense of the world, my thoughts and my feelings. I believe the way we think about and speak to ourselves, and the stories we hold onto and tell others about who we are, can shape our lives in the most profound ways. You can read my blog here.

If you’d like to keep in touch you can sign up for my monthly Love Letters below, or say hello here.

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Let Me Send You Love Letters...

I know, yet another person asking you to hand over your email address.

Here’s the deal though: I treat your in-box like a sacred space and my monthly Love Letters are a labour of love in themselves; they’re a way to go a bit deeper and get a little more personal than a blog post.

Most of all, these letters are about forming a connection; hopefully they’ll inspire you and maybe some days they’ll even help you feel a little less alone. None of these things can be achieved via typical ‘newsletters’ – which are usually formal and just trying to sell you something (although occasionally I will include information about my coaching and courses).

So many of us feel like everyone else knows what they’re doing – sometimes I just like to be reminded that it’s okay to be a perfectly imperfect human. So, I write about life’s ups and downs and what I’m learning as I dare to tread my own path – and share useful resources – which I hope will help you tread yours.

My Love Letters are meant to feel like a personal note from a friend, something I hope you’ll look forward to reading with a cuppa in your hand. This is an invitation for you to take a few moments each month to receive some encouragement, honesty, inspiration and love…

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What I love most about my letters from Esther is that they are not like other 'newsletters', instead, it feels like a personal note just to me, sharing her own experiences and learning, right when I need it the most!

Siobhan, London.

Thank you, Esther, for such wonderful words. I feel like I've discovered a friend in the midst of the striving and swirling around me. 

Ellie, USA.

Oh, Esther, I'm loving your emails. And these were such wonderful reminders for me right now. Perfect timing!   Thank you, thank you for sharing your words. 

Solveig, Alaska.